Dating-SV - program for dating agency

Program of management of a databank of agency of acquaintances Dating-SV has feature:

  • to conduct a computer databank of clients of agency of acquaintances;
  • to select candidates for complex conditions of search;
  • to monitor planning and execution of each application, including financial questions;
  • to support various reference books;
  • to prepare reports;
  • to keep photo data;
  • to conduct the automated mailing e-mails on base of agency of acquaintances;

Work patterns

  • The operator carries out primary input of questionnaires in the computer, filling a set of forms.
  • The manager has an opportunity to look for among all databank on certain conditions. Perhaps gradual specification of search conditions.
  • The manager has an opportunity to work both with the general base, and with the list of the selected clients.
  • After interview with the client, the manager has an opportunity to specify or change information which is stored in a databank.
  • The manager has an opportunity to make a selection for the client, to send it by fax or e-mail in the form of the PDF-file.
  • The manager has an opportunity to select group of clients on the conditions and to make for them e-mail mailing.

Important!!! The interface of the program allows to work with the database having invited the client to the screen. At the same time the client will see only that part of information which you want to show him!

Addition features:

The Dating-SV program is network program . It means that you can establish it in a local network and work with the same data from different workstations. At the same time the data entered from one computer become available to the others.

There is an opportunity to work with remoted server which is in other office, or even the remoted city including on the low-speed channel, like the modem or the mobile phone (it is necessary to notice that the program doesn't give such technical capability). The present possibility becomes available only at special control of the network providing IP access from a client workplace to the server. In more detail there.

There is an opportunity to protect data by the password. The program won't allow you to data if you don't enter the password.

The log of the manager which allows to monitor work of employees is kept and to come to a financial component.

There are several editions of the program under different engines of databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Comparing version

Feature local network (SQL)
Function in network
Entry data from all station X
Simple setup without computer specialist X
Ability to edit documents templates
Ability to write full database on removable flash drive X
Protect from grab database on flash drive by bad boy X
Ability to connect to database from remote users X
User Role model access protection
Price 1) 3800 rubles 6500 rubles
nuances and features of installation


1) For One Agency company (for all computers)
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